ELL Proficiency Levels
Level 1 - Basic
Students at this level have very limited or no understanding of English. They rarely use English for communication. They can respond non-verbally to commands, statements and questions in simple form. As their oral comprehension increases, they begin to use simple words and phrases, and may use English spontaneously. They should be developing BICS at this level (see BICS page)
Level 2 - Low Intermediate
These students can understand short conversations on simple topics. They rely on familiarity. They use repetition, gestures and non-verbal cues to sustain coversation. When reading, students at this level can understand basic narrative text and authentic materials, although they will be below grade level. They rely on contextual and visual cues to aid in comprehension. They can begin to identify the main idea and supporting details of passages. They can write simple notes and make brief journal entries using basic vocabulary and common language structures. Frequent errors are characteristic at this level.
Level 3 - High Intermediate
At this level students can understand standard speech delivered in most settings with some repetition and rewording. They can understand the main idea and some details of extended discourse. They can communicate orally in most settings. Students at this level can comprehend the content of many texts independently, although they still may not be on grade level. They still require support in understanding academic text. They can read many literature selections for pleasure. They can write multi-paragraph compositions, journal entries, letters and creative passages. They can present their thoughts in an organized manner, but errors may still be present.
Level 4 - Proficient
Students at this level have adequate language skills for day-to-day communication. Occasional structural and lexical errors still occur. They may still have duifficulty with idiomatic expressions and words with multiple meanings. They may still have difficulty with complex structures and abstract academic concepts, but are able to communicate in English in new or unfamiliar settings. Students at this level write for personal and academic purposes. Structures, vocabulary and overall organization should approximate the writing of native speakers at their level. However, it is still possible for errors to occur.
Level 5 - Advanced Proficient
Students at this advanced level have demonstrated English proficiency as determined by state assessment instruments (ELPA -English Language Proficienct Assessment). They are expected to be able to participate fully with their peers in grade level content area classes.