Effective Strategies for English Language Learners
Literacy Development

· Oral Language Development Activities, like chants, poems, choral reading, small group discussion, MONDO groups
· Appropriate reading and writing instruction by the classroom teacher, in collaboration with the Bilingual/ESL staff
· Guided Reading, at instructional level, with enhanced walk-though (picture walk) for buiding background and vocabulary development
· Use pre-telling extensively to build vocabulary and language structures
· Pre-teach vocabulary and build background before any Shared Reading
· Model reading strategies
· Provide writing models and writing frames (expect lower level students to complete frames rather than generate their own writing initially)
· Use multicultural books and literature to reflect the ethnic groups represented in the classroom
· Use text to teach phonics and word study
· Provide word study activities appropriate to the reading level

Content Areas
· Provide comprehensible input
· Use visuals, realia, pictures and gestures to support concept and vocabulary development
· Build background knowledge and link to prior experiences
· Use primary language, when possible, to support instruction
· Pre-teach key concepts and vocabulary, using English and the primary language when possible
(Bilingual staff or parents)
· Use graphic organizers for instruction, practice, and assessment
· Use non-fiction more than fiction for reading materials because it is more comprehensible, and builds academic vocabulary and content knowledge
· Use thematic instruction to improve comprehensibility
· Employ hands-on learning with extensive language input
· Give a clear statement of the objective(s) of each lesson
· Teach note taking and provide organizers and strategies
· Use cooperative learning strategies, with group and pair work to promote language development and practice
· Provide sufficient wait time for students to answer orally
· Make thinking visible. Allow students to write, illustrate and present to show their learning and thinking
Special Thanks to Cathy Ferguson, Walled Lake Schools